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1AC-21-06-1997 初级类航空器适航标准-超轻型飞机 

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2AC-21-07-1997 初级类航空器适航标准-滑翔机与动力滑翔机 

3ANSI C 135.1-1979 架空线路用镀锌钢制螺栓和螺母 Galvanized Steel Bolts and Nuts for Overhead Line Construction

4ANSI K62.213-1977 乙嘧酚磺氨酯(bupirimate)(杀菌剂) Common Name for the Pest Control Chemical 5-Butyl-2-(ethylamino)- 6-methyl-4-pyrimidinyl Dimethylsulfamate "Bupirimate"

5ANSI MH 5.1.9-1990 货运集装箱.自动识别 Freight Containers - Automatic Identification

6ANSI N 322-1996 直接和间接读取石英纤维便携式剂量计的检验和试验规范 Inspection and Test Specifications for Direct and Indirect Reading Quartz Fiber Pocket Dosimeters

7ANSI X 3.191-1991 信息系统.数字信息交换用已记录光媒体.130毫米中写一次抽取的饲服RZ可选节距盒式光盘 Information Systems - Recorded Optical Media Unit for Digital Information Interchange - 130 mm Write-Once Sampled-Servo RZ Selectable-Pitch Optical Disk Cartridge

8ANSI Z 97.1-2004 建筑物中窗用玻璃材料的安全性能规范和测试方法 Glazing Materials Used in Buildings, Safety Performance Specifications and Methods of Test

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9ANSI/(AAMA) 001-1992 数字控制纤维切割机.数据格式.ANSI/EIA 274-D-1980(R1988)的并行标准 (Numerically Controlled Fabric Cutting Machines - Data Format - A Companion Standard to ANSI/EIA 274-D-1980 (R1988)

10ANSI/(AAMA) 292-1993 数据交换格式.数据格式 Pattern Data Interchange - Data Format

11ANSI/AAMI RD 62-2001 血液透析应用的水处理设备 Water Treatment Equipment for Hemodialysis Applications

12ANSI/AGMA 6135-2002 工业球面蜗杆传动的设计,评价和应用(公制版本) Design, Rating and Application of Industrial Globoidal Wormgearing (Metric Edition)

13ANSI/ASHRAE 135b-2001 BAC网.建筑自动化和控制网络用数据通信协议 BACNET - A Data Communication Protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks

14ANSI/ASME B 16.48-1997 钢线坯 Steel Line Blanks

15ANSI/ASME B 36.10M-2004 焊接锻钢管和无缝锻钢管 Welded and Seamless Wrought Steel Pipe

16ANSI/ASME HST-4M-1991 悬吊式电动缆索起重机性能标准 Performance Standard for Overhead Electric Wire Rope Hoists

17ANSI/ASME PTC 4.3-1974 性能测试规范.空气加热器 Performance Test Code - Air Heaters

18ANSI/ASME PTC 6-1996 汽轮机的性能试验标准6 Performance Test Code 6 on Steam Turbines

19ANSI/ASME Y 14.5M-1994 尺寸和公差计算 Dimensioning and Tolerancing

20ANSI/ASQ Z 1.4-2003 按属性检查用取样程序和表 Sampling Procedures and Tables for Inspection by Attributes

21ANSI/ASQC Z 1.4-1993 计数型检验的取样规程和图表 Sampling Procedures and Tables for Inspection by Attributes

22ANSI/EIA-481-C-2003 自动装配用表面安装元件的8mm至200mm压纹载体带式封装以及8mm和12mm穿孔载体带式封装 (8 mm through 200 mm Embossed Carrier Taping and 8 mm hehao12 mm Punched Carrier Taping of Surface Mount Components for Automatic Handling)

23ANSI/INCITS/ISO/IEC 13568-2002 信息技术.Z格式规范标志法.语法,形式系统和语义学 Information technology - Z formal specification notation - Syntax, type system and semantics

24ANSI/IPC J-STD-004A-2004 助焊剂的要求 Requirements for Soldering Fluxes

25ANSI/ISA S 51.1-1993 工序检测仪表术语 Process Instrumentation Terminology

26ANSI/SMACNA 001-2000 抗地震手册.机械系统导则 Seismic Restraint Manual: Guidelines for Mechanical Systems

27ANSI/TIA/EIA 222-F-1996 钢天线塔和天线支持结构的结构标准 Structural Standards for Steel Antenna Towers and Antenna Supporting Structures

28ASME NOG-1-2002 桥式起重机和龙门起重机建造规则(沿轨道上翼缘行走的桥架起重机复合梁) Rules for Construction of Overhead and Gantry Cranes (Top Running Bridge Multiple Girder)

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29ASME Y14.5M-1994 尺寸和公差选定 Dimensioning and tolerancing

38BG 50242-2002 工程建设:建筑给排水及采暖工程施工质量验收规范 Code for acceptance of construction quality of Water supply drainage and heating works

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39BIP 2062-2003 BRC全球标准.消费品 BRC Global Standard - Consumer products

40BS 1363-1-1995 13 A 插头,插座和适配器.可重接和不可重接保险丝灯头规范 (13 A plugs, socket-outlets and adaptors - Specification for rewirable and non-rewirable 13 A fused plugs)

41BS 4309-1968 实验室用电阻炉性能的测量方法 Methods of measuring the performance of laboratory electric resistance furnaces

42BS 5266-1-1999 应急照明设备.除电影院之外的场所以及其它某些规定的娱乐场所的应急照明设备的实施规范 Emergency lighting - Code of practice for the emergency lighting of premises other than cinemas and certain other specified premises used for entertainment

43BS 6037-2-2004 永久性安装的入口设备的规划,设计,安装和使用的实施规程.移动梯和龙门吊 Code of practice for the planning, design, installation and use of permanently installed access equipment - Travelling ladders and gantries

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44BS CWA 14659-2003 水产品的可追踪性.饲养鱼配送链中记录信息的规范 Traceability of fishery products - Specification of the information to be recorded in farmed fish distribution chains

45BS DD CEN/TS 14751-2004 焊接.焊接检验用飞行时间衍射技术(TOFD)的使用 (Welding - Use of time-of-flight diffraction technique (TOFD) for examination of welds

46BS EN 13601-2002 铜和铜合金.通用电气目的用铜杆,铜棒和铜丝 Copper and copper alloys - Copper rod, bar and wire for general electrical purposes

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47BS EN 1473-1997 液化天然气的装置和设备.陆地设备的设计 Installation and equipment for liquefied natural gas - Design of onshore installations

48BS EN 1610-1998 排水管和下水道的结构和试验 Construction and testing of drains and sewers

49BS ISO 2173-2003 水果和蔬菜制品.可溶性固形物的测定.折射法 Fruit and vegetable products - Determination of soluble solids - Refractometric method

50CB 1320-1998 鱼雷振动模态测试方法 Torpedo vibration modal measurement method

51CB/T 1001-1992 船用变压器 

52CB/T 19-2001 船用人孔盖 Manhol covers for ship

53CB/T 3373-1991 油舱蒸汽加热系统计算方法 

54CB/T 3795-1996 船舶上排,下水用气囊 Air bag for ship up to or down to launching way

55CECS 77-1996 钢结构加固技术规范 Technical specification for strengthening steel structures

56CJ 3020-1993 生活饮用水水源水质标准 Water Quality Standard for Drinking Water Source

57CY/T 4-1991 凸版印刷品质量要求及检验方法 Quality requirements and test methods for relief printed matter

58DIN 14685-1996 5KVA和5KVA便携式发电机 Portable generating set 5 kVA and 8 kVA

59DIN 18516-1-1999 背部通风外墙饰层.第1部分:要求和测试原则 Cladding for externals walls, ventilated at rear - Part 1: Requirements, principles of testing

60DIN 25250-2000 铁路车辆.货车.主要尺寸和型号 Railway vehicles - Wagons - Main dimensions, types

61DIN 30674-1-1982 可锻铸铁管包覆层.聚乙烯包覆层 Coating of ductile cast iron pipes; Polyethylene coating

62DIN 48200-7-1981 架空输电绞线用单线.铜包钢线 Copper clad steel wires for stranded conductors

63DIN 5419-1959 滚动轴承用毡垫圈.毡带和环形槽 Felt Rings, Felt Strips, Ring Grooves for Rolling Bearing Housings

64DIN 58953-9-2002 消毒.无菌材料供应.第9部分:消毒容器的使用技术 Sterilization - Sterile supply - Part 9: Handling of sterilization container

65DIN 6338-1980 刀具和工件夹用安装槽 Assembling grooves for tool and work holders

66DIN 71550-1979 管道中软管连接用的垫圈 Bead for union joint for hoses in pipes

67DIN 7274-2-1981 包装材料.额定容积为5.10.20升的钢制油桶.安全技术要求及检验 Packaging; Steel canisters with nominal volumes of 5, 10 and 20 l; Safety requirements and testing

68DIN 7831-2-1979 符合DIN 7817 T.2和T.3的深槽轮圈用的轮圈截面量规 Profile gauges for rims to DIN 7817 part 2 and part 3

69DIN 7992-1970 大头T 形螺钉 T-head Bolts with Large Head

70DIN EN 10204-2005 冶金产品.检验文件的类型 Metallic products - Types of inspection documents; German version EN 10204:2004

71DIN EN 50264-3-2003 铁路设施.有特殊防火性能的铁路车辆电缆.标准壁厚.第3部分:多芯电缆 Railway applications - Railway rolling stock cables having special fire performance; Standard wall - Part 3: Multicore cables; German version EN 50264-3:2002

72DIN EN 61000-4-15-2003 电磁兼容性(EMC).第4-15部分:检验和测量方法.闪烁计的功能说明和设计规范 (Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 4-15: Testing and measurement techniques; Flickermeter; Functional and design specifications (IEC 61000-4-15:1997 + A1:2003); German version EN 61000-4-15:1998

73DIN EN ISO 12944-4-1998 涂料和清漆.用涂层系统对钢结构防腐蚀.第4部分:表面类型和表面准备 Paints and varnishes - Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems - Part 4: Types of surface and surface preparation (ISO 12944-4:1998); German version EN ISO 12944-4:1998

74DIN EN ISO 14184-1-1999 纺织物.甲醛含量的测定.第1部分:游离和水解甲醛(水萃取法) Textiles - Determination of formaldehyde - Part 1: Free and hydrolyzed formaldehyde (water extraction method)(ISO 14184-1:1998); German version EN ISO 14184-1:1998

75DIN EN ISO 14971/A1-2003 医疗装置.医疗装置风险管理的应用.修改件1:要求的基本原理 Medical devices - Application of risk management to medical devices - Amendment 1: Rationale for requirements (ISO 14971:2000/AMD 1:2003); German version EN ISO 14971:2001/A1:2003

76DIN ETS 300699-1998 无线电设备和系统(RES).数字无绳电信(DECT).数据服务分布(DEP).内部用户组的一般数据链接服务(服务类型C,1级 无线电设备和系统(RES).数字无绳电信(DECT).数据服务分布(DEP).内部用户组的一般数据链接服务(服务类型C,1级

77DIN IEC 60326-2-1992 印制板.第2部分:检验方法 Printed boards; part 2: test methods; identical with IEC 60326-2:1990

78DIN ISO 128-44-2002 技术制图.画法的一般原则.第44部分:机械工程图的剖面图 Technical drawings - General principles of presentation - Part 44: Sections on mechanical engineering drawings (ISO 128-44:2001

79DIN ISO 15152-2005 烟草.作为烟碱的生物碱总含量的测定.连续流量分析法 Tobacco - Determination of the content of total alkaloids as nicotine - Continuous-flow analysis method (ISO 15152:2003)

80DIN ISO 2768-1-1991 一般公差.第1部分:未注公差的线性尺寸和角度尺寸公差 General tolerances; tolerances for linear and angular dimensions without individual tolerance indications; identical with ISO 2768-1:1989

81DIN VDE 0105-100-2000 电气安装的操作 Operation of electrical installations

82DIN VDE 0281-7-2001 额定电压为450/750 V及以下的PVC绝缘电缆.第7部分:90℃导线用内部布线的单芯无护套电缆 Polyvinyl chloride insulated cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750 V - Part 7: Single core non-sheathed cables for internal wiring for a conductor temperature of 90 ℃; German version HD 21.7 S2:1996 + A1:1999

83DIN VDE 0472-507-1983 电缆,导线和软线的试验.衰减因数.规范 Testing of cables, wires and flexible cords; reduction factor [VDE Specification]

84DL 5000-2000 火力发电厂设计技术规程 

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85DL/T 403-2000 12kV~40.5kV高压真空断路器订货.技术条件 HV vacuum circuit-breaker for rated voltage 12kV to 40.5kV

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86DL/T 5054-1996 火力发电厂汽水管道设计.技术规定 Code for design of thermal power plant steam/water piping

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87DL/T 5072-1997 火力发电厂保温油漆设计规程 Code for designing insulation and painting of fossil fuel power plant

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88DL/T 5117-2000 水下不分散混凝土试验规程 Test code on non-dispersible underwater concrete

89DL/T 630-1997 交流采样远动终端技术条件 Technical requirement for RTU with a.c.electrical quantities input,discrete sampling

页数: 14页 

90DL/T 645-1997 多功能电能表通信规约 Multi-function watt-hour meter communication protocol

页数: 33页 

91DL/T 698-1999 低压电力用户集中抄表系统.技术条件 Automatic meter reading for LV customers

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92DL/T 712-2000 火力发电厂凝汽器管选材导则 Guideline for the selection of condenser tube materials in power plant

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93DL/T 782-2001 110kV及以上送变电工程启动及竣工验收规程 Code of start-up hehao completion acceptance for power transmissionhehao distribution project of 110kV and above

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94DL/T 821-2002 钢制承压管道对接焊接接头射线检验技术规范 

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95DL/T5103-1999 电气工程:35KV~110KV 无人值班变电所设计规程 Design Code for Unattended Substation of 35KV~110KV

页数: 20页 

96DL5000-2000 电力:火力发电厂设计技术规程 Technical Code for Designing Fossil Fuel Power Plants

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97Doc. QLARDO PV and PP 压力容器:压力容器压力管道设计单位资格许可与管理规则 Qualification Licensing and Administration Regulation of Design Organization for Pressure Vessel and Pressure Piping

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98EJ/T 801-1993 核电厂专用起重机设计准则 

99Fagui 01 城市规划:中华人民共和国城市规划法 City Planning Law of the Peopledanyihaos Republic of China

100Fagui 02 城市规划:南京市城市规划条例实施条例 Rules on the Implementation of Nanjing City Plan Regulations

101GA 214.10-2004 常住人口管理信息规范.第10部分:居民身份证制证信息错误类别代码 Specification for resident population management information Part 10:Code of information error for making citizen identification card

102GA 47-2002 道路交通信号控制机 Road traffic signal controller

103GA 519.1-2004 公安被装管理信息代码.第1部分:被装品种分类与代码 The management information code of public security accouterments-Part 1:Classification and code of accouterments

104GA 99.3-2000 边防管理边境地区渔(船)民,船只信息代码.第3部分:台轮船舶港籍代码 Code for the information of fishing boat and fishing population within the border region under the frontier defence administration Part 3:Code for register port of Taiwanese boats

105GB 10767-1997 婴幼儿配方粉及婴幼儿补充谷粉通用技术条件 General technical requirements of infant formula,follow-up formula and supplementary foods for infant and young children

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106GB 10783-1996 食品添加剂 辣椒红 Food additive--Paprika red

页数: 4页 

107GB 11680-1989 食品包装用原纸卫生标准 Hygienic standard of paper used for food packaging

108GB 12326-2000 电能质量 电压波动和闪变 Power quality voltage fluctuation and flicker

页数: 18页 

109GB 12693-2003 乳制品企业良好生产规范 Good manufacturing practice for dairy product factory

页数: 14页 

110GB 13057-2003 客车座椅及其车辆固定件的强度 The strength of the seats and their anchorages of passenger vehicles

页数: 13页 

111GB 13271-2001 锅炉大气污染物排放标准 Emission standard of air pollutants for coal-burning oil-burning gas-fired boiler

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112GB 13545-2003 烧结空心砖和空心砌块 Fired hollow bricks and blocks

页数: 11页 

113GB 14098-1993 燃气轮机 噪声 Gas turbine--Noise

页数: 11页 

114GB 14232.1-2004 人体血液及血液成分袋式塑料容器 第1部分:传统型血袋 Plastics collapsible containers for human blood and blood components-Part 1:Conventional containers

115GB 14925-2001 实验动物 环境及设施 Laboratory animal--Requirements of environment and housing facilities

116GB 1499-1998 钢筋混凝土用热轧带肋钢筋 Hot rolled ribbed steel bars for the reinforcement of concrete

117GB 150-1998 钢制压力容器 

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118GB 15258-1999 化学品安全标签编写规定 General rules for preparation of precautionary label for industrial chemicals

119GB 15540-1995 陆地移动通信设备电磁兼容技术要求和测量方法 EMC specification and test methods for land mobile communication equipment

120GB 15579.1-2004 弧焊设备 第1部分:焊接电源 Arc welding equipment-Part 1:Welding power sources

121GB 16297-1996 大气污染物综合排放标准 Integrated emission standard of air pollutants

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122GB 16424-1996 金属非金属地下矿山安全规程 Safety regulations for metal and nonmetal underground mines

123GB 16910-1997 小型工业企业建厂劳动卫生基本技术条件 Elementary technological conditions of labour health for constructing small industrial enterprises

页数: 8页 

124GB 18351-2004 车用乙醇汽油 Ethanol gasoline for motor vehicles

页数: 13页 

125GB 18450-2001 民用黑火药 Black powder forcivil use

126GB 18455-2001 包装回收标志 Packaging recycle mark

127GB 1887-1998 食品添加剂 碳酸氢钠 Food additive sodium hydrogen carbonate

页数: 6页 

128GB 19108-2003 过氧乙酸溶液 过氧乙酸含量的测定 Peracetic acid solution-determination of peracetic acid content

129GB 19153-2003 容积式空气压缩机能效限定值及节能评价值 Limited values of energy efficiency and evaluating values of energy conservation of displacement air compressors

130GB 19640-2005 麦片类卫生标准 Hygienic standard for breakfast cereal

131GB 252-2000 轻柴油 Light diesel fuels

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132GB 2760-1996 食品添加剂使用卫生标准 Hygienic standards for uses of food additives

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133GB 2762-2005 食品中污染物限量 Maximum levels of contaminants in foods

134GB 3087-1999 低中压锅炉用无缝钢管 Seamless steel tubes for low and medium pressure

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135GB 3149-2004 食品添加剂 磷酸 Food additive Phosphoric acid

136GB 4571-1996 食品添加剂 紫胶红色素 Food additive--Lac dye

137GB 4806.1-1994 食品用橡胶制品卫生标准 Hygienic standard for foodstuff rubber products

138GB 4806.2-1994 橡胶奶嘴卫生标准 Hygienic standard for rubber nipple

139GB 50018-2002 工程建设:冷弯薄壁型钢结构技术规范 Technical code of cold-formed thin-wall steel structures

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140GB 50029-2003 压缩空气站设计规范 

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141GB 50041-92 工程建设:锅炉房设计规范 Code for design of boiler houses

字数: 66字 页数: 23页 

142GB 50049-94 工程建设:小型火力发电厂设计规范 Code for design of small-size power plant

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143GB 50068-2001 建筑结构可靠度设计统一标准 Unified standard for reliability design of building structures

字数: 6228字 页数: 23页 译文市场参考价: 1500元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 552元 

144GB 50108-2001 工程建设:地下工程防水技术规范 Technical code for waterproofing of underground works

字数: 21831字 页数: 75页 译文市场参考价: 2838元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 1800元 

145GB 50202 -2002 工程建设:建筑地基基础工程施工质量验收规范 Code for acceptance of construction quality of building foundation

字数: 14675字 页数: 58页 译文市场参考价: 1907元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 522元 

146GB 50209-95 工程建设:建筑地面工程施工及验收规范 Code for construction and acceptance of building ground engineering

147GB 50210-2001 工程建设:建筑装饰装修工程质量验收规范 Code for construction quality acceptance of building decoration

字数: 24413字 页数: 74页 译文市场参考价: 2800元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 2520元 

148GB 50261-2005 自动喷水灭火系统施工及验收规范 

页数: 57页 译文市场参考价: 1500元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 500元 

149GB 5085.3-1996 危险废物鉴别标准 浸出毒性鉴别 Identification standard for hazardous wastes--Identification for extraction procedure toxicity

150GB 7000.15-2000 舞台灯光、电视、电影及摄影场所(室内外)用灯具安全要求 Safety requirements of luminaires for stage lighting, television, film and photographic studios (outdoor and indoor)

151GB 700-1988 碳素结构钢 

页数: 8页 

152GB 7959-1987 粪便无害化卫生标准 Sanitary standard for the non-hazardous treatment of night soil

153GB 8200-2001 杀虫双水剂 Bisultap aqueous solution

154GB 8408-2000 游艺机和游乐设施安全 Safety of amusement machines and amusement park equipments

155GB 8978-1996 污水综合排放标准 Integrated wastewater discharge standard

页数: 34页 译文市场参考价: 1020元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 720元 

156GB 9685-2003 食品容器、包装材料用助剂使用卫生标准 Hygienic standard for adjuvants and processing aids in food containers and packaging materials

157GB 9688-1988 食品包装用聚丙烯成型品卫生标准 Hygienic standard for polypropyrene products used as food containers and tablewares

158GB 9689-1988 食品包装用聚苯乙烯成型品卫生标准 Hygienic standard for polystyrene products used as food containers and table wares

159GB/T 11260-1996 圆钢穿过式涡流探伤检验方法 Round steel--The inspection method for pass type eddy current test

字数: 1611字 页数: 7页 译文市场参考价: 210元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 167元 

160GB/T 11263-1998 热轧H型钢和剖分T型钢 The hot-rolled H and cut T section steel

161GB/T 11858-2000 俄得克(伏特加) Vodka

162GB/T 11944-2002 中空玻璃 Sealed insulating glass unit

163GB/T 1228-1991 钢结构用高强度大六角头螺栓 High strength bolts with large hexagon head for steel structures

164GB/T 12325-2003 电能质量 供电电压允许偏差 Power quality Admissible deviation of supply voltage

165GB/T 12606-1999 钢管漏磁探伤方法 Steel tubes--The testing method of magnetic flux leakage

166GB/T 13061-1991 汽车悬架用空气弹簧 橡胶气囊 Air spring for automotive suspension--Rubber bellows

167GB/T 13350-2000 绝热用玻璃棉及其制品 Glass wool and their products for thermal insulation

译文市场参考价: 300元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 270元 

168GB/T 13508-1992 聚乙烯吹塑桶 Polyethylene blown containers

169GB/T 1401-1998 化学试剂 乙二胺四乙酸二钠 Chemical reagent (Ethylenedinitrilo) tetraacetic acid,disodium salt dihydrate

170GB/T 14560-1993 150t以下履带起重机技术条件 Technical requirement for cranes with lifting capacity up to 150 tons

字数: 3240字 页数: 10页 译文市场参考价: 421元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 240元 

171GB/T 15532-1995 计算机软件单元测试 Computer software unit testing

172GB/T 15790-1995 稻瘟病测报调查规范 Rules for investigation and forecast of the rice blast [pyricularia oryzae (Cavara)]

173GB/T 15923-1995 镍矿石化学分析方法 火焰原子吸收分光光度法测定镍量 Method for chemical analysis of nickel ores--Determination of nickel content--Flame atomic absorption spectrometric method

174GB/T 16716-1996 包装废弃物的处理与利用 通则 General rule of packaging waste disposal and utilization

175GB/T 17713-1999 吸油烟机 Range hood

176GB/T 1804-2000 一般公差 未注公差的线性和角度尺寸的公差 General tolerances Tolerances for linear and angular dimensions without individual tolerance indications

177GB/T 18336.3-2001 信息技术 安全技术 信息技术安全性评估准则 第3部分: 安全保证要求 Information technology--Security technology--Evaluation criteria for IT security Part 3: Security assurance requirements

178GB/T 19263-2003 MPEG-2信号在SDH网络中的传输技术规范 Technical specification of transport of MPEG-2 signals in SDH network

179GB/T 19413-2003 计算机和数据处理机房用单元式空气调节机 Unitary Air-Condtioners for Computer and Data Processing Room

180GB/T 19421.10-2003 层状结晶二硅酸钠试验方法 氟硅酸钾容量法测定二氧化硅含量 Test methods of crystalline layered sodium disilicate--Potassium fluosilicate volumetric methods for determination of silica dioxide content

181GB/T 2082-1989 工业铝粉 Industrial aluminium powder

182GB/T 228-2002 金属材料 室温拉伸试验方法 Metallic materials-Tensile testing at ambient temperature

字数: 14752字 页数: 50页 译文市场参考价: 1917元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 1200元 

183GB/T 2828.1-2003 计数抽样检验程序 第1部分: 按接收质量限(AQL)检索的逐批检验抽样计划 Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes--Part 1: Sampling schemes indexed by acceptance quality limit(AQL) for lot-by-lot inspection

184GB/T 2975-1998 钢及钢产品 力学性能试验取样位置及试样制备 Steel and steel products--Location and preparation of test pieces for mechanical testing

字数: 2539字 页数: 18页 译文市场参考价: 540元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 264元 

185GB/T 3274-1988 碳素结构钢和低合金结构钢 热轧厚钢板和钢带 Carbon structural and low alloy steel--Rotled plates and strips

页数: 3页 

186GB/T 50105-2001 工程建设:建筑结构制图标准 Standard for structural drawings

字数: 4810字 页数: 43页 译文市场参考价: 1290元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 500元 

187GB/T 6165-1985 高效空气过滤器性能试验方法 透过率和阻力 Methods for testing the performance of high efficiency particulate air filter--Penetration and resistance

188GB/T 699-1999 优质碳素结构钢 Quality carbon structural steels

字数: 4559字 页数: 16页 译文市场参考价: 900元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 285元 

189GB/T 700-1988 碳素结构钢 Carbon structural steels

190GB/T 7233-1987 铸钢件超声探伤及质量评级标准 Methods for ultrasonic testing and for specifying quality levels of steel castings

译文市场参考价: 400元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 360元 

191GB/T 7255-1998 单边带电力线载波机 Single sideband power-line carrier terminals

192GB/T 7702.18-1997 煤质颗粒活性炭试验方法 焦糖脱色率的测定 Standard test method for granular activated carbon from coal--Determination of caramel adsorption

193GB/T 8162-1999 结构用无缝钢管 Seamless steel tubes for structural purposes

页数: 10页 

194GB/T14976-1994 管道:流体输送用不锈钢无缝钢管 Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes for Fluid Transport

页数: 11页 

195GB/T16157-1996 环境检测:固定污染源排气中颗粒物测定与气态污染物采样方法 The Determination of Particulates and Sampling Methods of Gaseous Pollutants Emitted Gas of Stationary Source

字数: 18117字 页数: 52页 译文市场参考价: 2355元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 1248元 

196GB/T17116.1-1997 管道:管道支吊架 第 1 部分 : 技术规范 Pipe supports and hangers part 1:technical specification

页数: 129页 译文市场参考价: 3870元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 2880元 

197GB/T699-1999 钢结构:优质碳素结构钢 Quality Carbon Structural Steels

字数: 4559字 页数: 16页 译文市场参考价: 900元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 285元 

198GB/T711-1988 钢结构:优质碳素结构钢热轧厚钢板和宽钢带 Hot-rolled Quality Carbon Structural Steels Plates and Wide Strips

199GB12348-1990 环境检测:工业企业厂界噪声标准 Standard for Noise at Boundary of Industrial Enterprises

字数: 381字 页数: 3页 译文市场参考价: 90元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 39元 

200GB13223-1996 环境检测:火电厂大气污染排放标准 Emission Standard of Air Pollutants for fossil power plants

201GB16297-1996 环境检测:大气污染综合排放标准 Integrated Emission Standard of Air Pollutants

页数: 36页 译文市场参考价: 1080元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 720元 

202GB252-2000 石油化工:轻柴油 Light Diesel Fuels

译文市场参考价: 500元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 190元 

203GB3095-1996 环境检测:环境空气质量标准 Ambient Air Quality Standard

页数: 6页 译文市场参考价: 300元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 144元 

204GB3836.1-2000 危险品:爆炸性气体环境用电气设备第 1 部分 : 通用要求 

页数: 57页 译文市场参考价: 2500元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 1368元 

205GB3838-2002 环境检测:地表水环境质量标准 Environmental Quality Standard for Surface Water

字数: 3748字 页数: 15页 译文市场参考价: 487元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 360元 

206GB50059-1992 电气工程:35~110KV 变电所设计规范 Design code for substation (35~110)

页数: 37页 

207GB50116-1998 消防:火灾自动报警系统设计规范 Code for Design of Automatic Fire Alarm System

字数: 9243字 页数: 28页 译文市场参考价: 1201元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 672元 

208GB50217-1994 电力:电力工程电缆设计规范 Code for design of Cable of Electrical Work

209GB50316-2000 管道:工业金属管道设计规范 Design code for industrial metallic piping

页数: 166页 译文市场参考价: 4980元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 2880元 

210GB5310-1995 管道:高压锅炉用无缝钢管 Seamless Steel Tubes and Pipes for High Pressure Boiler

页数: 25页 译文市场参考价: 1100元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 600元 

211GB8978-1996 污水处理:污水综合排放标准 Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard

页数: 34页 译文市场参考价: 1020元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 720元 

212GBJ 102-87 工程建设:工业循环水冷却设计规范 Code for cooling design of industrial circulating water

字数: 6642字 页数: 27页 译文市场参考价: 863元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 648元 

213GBJ16-1987(Attachment A) 消防:建筑防火规范 --- 局部修订条文及其条文说明 Code for Fire Prevention of Building Design---Partially Revised Articles and Their Notes

214GBJ69-1984 给水排水:给水排水工程结构设计规范 Code for Structural Design of Water Supply and sewerage Engineering

215GBJ9-1987 工程建设:建筑结构荷载规范 Load Code for the Design of Building Structures

216GBZ1-2002(TJ36-79) 工业企业设计:工业企业设计卫生标准 Sanitary standard for the design of industrial enterprise

217GY/T 131-1997 有线电视网中光链路系统.技术要求和测量方法 Technical requirements and measurement methods on optical link used in CATV systems

218GY/Z 174-2001 数字电视广播业务信息规范 Specification of service information for digital television broadcasting

219HB/Z 261-1994 电磁兼容性测试报告编写要求 

220HG/T 2334-1992 硫化促进剂TMTD 

221HG/T 3687-2000 工业硫氢化钠 SOdium hydrosulfide for industrial use

字数: 2656字 页数: 9页 译文市场参考价: 345元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 216元 

222HG20660-1991 压力容器:压力容器中化学介质毒性危害和爆炸危险程度分类 Classification of Toxicity Hazard and Explosion Risk Extent of Chemical Medium in Pressure Vessels

223HGB 3192-1960 硫化铵(溶液) 

224HGJ 38-1990 化工厂火炬及排气筒塔架设计规定 

225HGJ211-83 非标设备储罐加热炉制造安装:化工塔类设备及验收规范 

226IEC 60297-1-1986 482.6mm(19.in)系列机械结构件的尺寸.第1部分:面板和机架 Dimensions of mechanical structures of the 482.6 mm (19 in) series. Part 1 : Panels and racks

227IEC 60315-3 AMD 1-1999 各种发射类别的无线电接收机的测量方法.第3部分:调幅广播发射接收机.补充件1 Methods of measurement on radio receivers for various classes of emission - Part 3: Receivers for amplitude-modulated sound-broadcasting emissions; Amendment 1

228IEC 60335-1 AMD 1-2004 家用和类似用途电器的安全.第1部分:一般要求.修改件1 Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 1: General requirements; Amendment 1

229IEC/PAS 62381-2004 制造工业中自动化系统在工厂验收试验,场地验收试验和场地综合试验过程中的活动 Activities during the factory acceptance test (FAT), site acceptance test (SAT), and site integration test (SIT) for automation systems in the process industry

230IEC/TR 60909-1-2002 三相交流电系统中的短路电流.第1部分:根据IEC 60909-0的短路电流计算系数 Short-circuit currents in three-phase a.c. systems - Part 1: Factors for the calculation of short-circuit currents according to IEC 60909-0

页数: 161页 

231IEEE 743-1995 电信用模拟传输参数的设备要求和测量方法 Equipment requirements and measurement techniques for analog transmission parameters for telecommunications

232ISO 105-X12-2001 纺织品.色牢度试验.第X12部分:耐摩擦色牢度 Textiles - Tests for colour fastness - Part X12: Colour fastness to rubbing

233ISO 11543-2000 改良淀粉.羟丙基含量的测定.质子核磁共振分光测定法 Modified starch - Determination of hydroxypropyl content - Method using proton nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometry

234ISO 16750-2-2003 道路车辆.电气和电子设备的环境条件和试验.第2部分:电力负荷 Road vehicles - Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment - Part 2: Electrical loads

235ISO 2531-1998 输水和输气用球墨铸铁管,配件,附件及其接头 Ductile iron pipes, fittings, accessories and their joints for water or gas applications

236ISO 3183-3-1999 石油和天然气工业.管道用钢管的交货技术条件.第3部分:C级要求的钢管 Petroleum and natural gas industries - Steel pipe for pipelines - Technical delivery conditions - Part 3: Pipes of requirement class C

237ISO 4608-1998 塑料.一般用途的氯乙烯均聚物和共聚物树脂.室温下增塑剂吸收的测定 Plastics - Homopolymer and copolymer resins of vinyl chloride for general use - Determination of plasticizer absorption at room temperature

238ISO 5421-1977 精磨的高速钢刀刃 Ground high speed steel tool bits

239ISO 6426-1-1982 钟表词汇.第1部分:技术的和科学的定义 Horological vocabulary; Part 1 : Technical and scientific definitions

240ISO 8654-1987 金合金的颜色.颜色的定义,范围和名称与符号 Colours of gold alloys; Definition, range of colours and designation

241ISO 9141-2-1994 道路车辆.诊断系统.第2部分:交换数字信息的 CARB 要求 Road vehicles; diagnostic systems; part 2: CARB requirements for interchange of digital information

242ISO/IEC 10646-1 AMD 1-2002 信息技术.通用多八位编码字符集.第1部分:体系结构和基本多文种平面.修改件1:数学字符和其它字符 Information technology - Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set (UCS) - Part 1: Architecture and Basic Multilingual Plane; Amendment 1: Mathematical symbols and other characters

243ISO/IEC 14443-4-2001 识别卡.无接点集成电路卡.邻近卡.第4部分:传输协议 Identification cards - Contactless integrated circuit(s) cards; Proximity cards - Part 4: Transmission protocol

244ISO/IEC 14598-2-2000 软件工程.产品评价.第2部分:计划和管理 Software engineering - Product evaluation - Part 2: Planning and management

245ISO/IEC 15444-1-2004 信息技术.JPEG 2000图像编码系统.第1部分:磁心编码系统 Information technology -- JPEG 2000 image coding system: Core coding system

246ISO/IEC 16512-1-2005 Information technology -- Relayed Multicast Control Protocol (RMCP) -- Part 1: Framework Information technology -- Relayed Multicast Control Protocol (RMCP) -- Part 1: Framework

247ISO/TR 8125-1984 铝及其合金的阳极氧化.有色阳极氧化镀层的颜色和色差的测定 Anodizing of aluminium and its alloys; Determination of colour and colour difference of coloured anodic coatings

248ISO/TS 17450-1-2005 Geometrical product specifications (GPS) -- General concepts -- Part 1: Model for geometrical specification and verification Geometrical product specifications (GPS) -- General concepts -- Part 1: Model for geometrical specification and verification

249JB 4185-1986 半挂车通用技术条件 

250JB 4726-2000 压力容器用碳素钢和低合金钢锻件 Carbon and low-alloy steel forgings for pressure vessels

页数: 18页 译文市场参考价: 800元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 432元 

251JB 8897-1999 弹性式压力仪表通用安全规范 The general safety regulations of elasticty pressure gauge

252JB/T 10061-1999 A型脉冲反射式超声波探伤仪通用技术条件 Commonly used specification for A-mode ultrasonic flaw detector using pulse echo technique

253JB/T 10391-2002 Y系列三相异步电动机 Series Y three-phase asynchronous motor

254JB/T 4709-2000 钢制压力容器焊接规程 Welding specification for steel pressure vessels

字数: 5340字 页数: 38页 译文市场参考价: 1140元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 555元 

255JB/T 50163-1999 热处理井式电阻炉能耗分等(内部使用) 

256JB/T 9738-2000 汽车起重机和轮胎起重机.技术要求 Truck crane and wheel crane.Technical requirements

257JB/T4709-2000 压力容器:钢制压力容器焊接规 Welding specification for steel pressure vessels

字数: 5340字 页数: 38页 译文市场参考价: 1140元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 555元 

258JB4708-2000 焊接:钢制压力容器焊接工艺评定 Assessment of steel pressure vessels welding technology

字数: 8909字 页数: 45页 译文市场参考价: 1350元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 720元 

259JB4726-2000 压力容器:压力容器用碳素钢和低合金钢锻件 Carbon and Low-alloy Steel Forgings for Pressure Vessels

页数: 18页 译文市场参考价: 800元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 432元 

260JB4727-2000 压力容器:低温压力容器用低合金钢锻件 Low-alloy steel forgings for low temperature pressure vessels

译文市场参考价: 800元 中国标准翻译网优惠价: 720元 

261JB4730-1994 压力容器:压力容器无损检测 Nondestructive Testing of Pressure Vessels

262JC/T 853-1999 硅酸盐水泥熟料 Clinker of portland cement

263JG/T 3048-1998 混凝土和砂浆用天然沸石粉 Natural zeolite powder used in concrete and mortar

264JGJ 102-2003 玻璃幕墙工程技术规范 Technical code for glass curtain wall engineering

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265JGJ/T 112-1997 天然沸石粉在混凝土和砂浆中应用技术规程 Technical specification for application of natural zeolite powder in concrete and mortar

266JGJ106-2003 建设工程:建筑基桩检测技术规范 Technical code for testing of building piles foundation Piles

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267JGJ107-96 建筑行业通用规范:钢筋机械连接通用技术规程 

268JGJ94-1994 建设工程:建筑桩基技术规范 Technical Code for Building pile Foundation

269JIS A4705-2003 建筑物的滚动式门的部件 Components of rolling door for buildings

270JIS B0205-1-2001 ISO通用米制螺纹.第1部分:基本轮廓 ISO general purpose metric screw threads -- Part 1: Basic profile

271JIS B0209-2-2001 ISO通用米制螺纹.公差.第2部分:通用外部和内部螺纹规格的限值.中等质量 ISO general purpose metric screw threads -- Tolerances -- Part 2: Limits of sizes for general purpose external and internal screw threads -- Medium quality

272JIS B0209-5-2001 ISO通用米制螺纹.公差.第5部分:与电镀前最大公差级为h的热浸电镀外部螺纹配合的内部螺纹规格的限值 ISO general purpose metric screw threads -- Tolerances -- Part 5: Limits of sizes for internal screw threads to mate with hot-dip galvanized external screw threads with maximum size of tolerance position h before galvanizing

273JIS B0222-1980 29°梯形螺纹 (29 degrees trapezoidal screw threads)


275JIS B1196-2001 焊接螺母 Weld nuts

276JIS B1602-1961 渐开线锯齿 Involute serrations


278JIS B2302-1998 螺旋式钢管配件 Screwed type steel pipe fittings

279JIS B2407-1995 O型密封圈的保护圈 BACK-UP RINGS FOR O-RINGS


281JIS B6914-2002 钢铁的碳化,氰化,淬火和回火处理 Process of carburizing and carbonitriding, quenching and tempering of iron and steel

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282JIS B7184-1999 轮廓投影机 Profile projectors

283JIS B7507-1993 刻度和数字式游标卡尺 Vernier, dial and digital callipers

284JIS B8210-1994 蒸汽锅炉和压力容器.弹簧式安全阀 Steam boilers and pressure vessels -- Spring loaded safety valves

285JIS B8223-1999 锅炉给水及锅炉水的水质 Water conditioning for boiler feed water and boiler water

286JIS B8621-1995 离心式冷冻机 Centrifugal water chillers

287JIS C1605-1995 铠装隔绝式热电偶 Mineral insulated thermocouples

288JIS C2250-2002 电绝缘云母制品通则 General rules for electrical insulating mica products

289JIS C2320 ERRATUM 1-2000 电气绝缘油(勘误 1) Electrical insulating oils (Erratum 1)

290JIS C2320-1999 电气绝缘油 Electrical insulating oils

291JIS D0202-1988 汽车零件漆膜一般通则 General rules of coating films for automobile parts

292JIS D0203-1994 汽车零件的耐湿及耐水试验方法 Method of moisture, rain and spray test for automobile parts

293JIS D0205-1987 汽车零件耐候性试验方法 Test method of weatherability for automotive parts

294JIS D0207-1977 汽车零件防尘试验通则 General rules of dust test for automobile parts

295JIS D0810-2004 道路车辆.车辆导航系统用地图数据物理存储格式 Road vehicles -- Map data physical storage format for car navigation systems


297JIS D1013-1993 汽车制动器的试验方法 Automobiles -- Brake test method

298JIS D1601-1995 汽车零部件振动试验方法 Vibration testing methods for automobile parts

299JIS D1607-1995 汽车起动电动机试验方法 Test methods of starter motors for automobiles

300JIS D2001-1959 汽车用渐开线花键 Involute spline for automobiles

301JIS D4233-2001 汽车胎均匀性试验方法 Test procedures for automobile tire uniformity


303JIS D5302-2004 摩托车用铅酸蓄电池 Lead-acid batteries for motorcycles

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304JIS D5500 ERRATUM 1-2001 汽车部件.照明和光信号装置(勘误 1) Automobile parts -- Lighting and light signalling devices (Erratum 1)

305JIS D5807-1991 汽车点烟器 Cigar lighters for automobiles

306JIS E4501-1995 铁路车辆.轴的强度设计方法 Railway rolling stock -- Design methods for strength of axles

307JIS F2804-1976 船用十字形系缆桩 Shipsdanyihao cross bitts



310JIS G3123-2004 冷拉碳素和合金钢棒 Cold finished carbon and alloy steel bars


312JIS G3134-1990 汽车用改良可加工性的热轧高强度钢板 Hot rolled high strength steel sheets with improved formability for automobile structural uses



315JIS G3192-2000/ERRATUM 1-2000 热轧型钢的形状,尺寸,质量及其允许误差 Dimensions, moss and permissible variations of hot rolled steel sections (Erratum 1

316JIS G3193-1990 热轧钢板,薄板及钢带的尺寸,质量及允许误差 Dimensions, mass and permissible variations of hot rolled steel plates, sheets and strip

317JIS G3311-2004 冷轧特殊带钢 Cold rolled special steel strip

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319JIS G3315-2002 镀铬无锡钢 Chromium plated tin free steel

320JIS G3351-1987 金属板网 Expanded metals

321JIS G3444-2004 一般结构用碳素钢管 Carbon steel tubes for general structural purposes

322JIS G3466-1988 普通结构用方形碳钢管 Carbon steel square pipes for general structural purposes

323JIS G3509-1-2003 冷镦用低合金钢.第1部分:线材 Low-alloyed steels for cold heading -- Part 1: Wire rods

324JIS G3522-1991 钢琴丝材 PIANO WIRES


326JIS G3556-2002 工业用编织金属网 Industrial woven wire cloth

327JIS G4051-1979 机械结构用碳素钢钢材 Carbon steels for machine structural use

328JIS G4801-1984 弹簧钢钢材 SPRING STEELS

329JIS G4802-1999 弹簧用冷轧钢带 Cold-rolled steel strips for springs


331JIS G5501-1995 灰口铁铸件 Grey iron castings

332JIS G5502-2001 球墨铸铁件 Spheroidal graphite iron castings

333JIS H1402-2001 钨粉及碳化钨粉的化学分析方法 Methods for chemical analysis of tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder

334JIS H4000 ERRATUM 1-2000 铝和铝合金片材,板材,带材和卷材(勘误 1) Aluminium and aluminium alloy sheets and plates, strips and coiled sheets (Erratum 1)

335JIS H4160-1994 铝及铝合金箔 Aluminium and aluminium alloy foils

336JIS H5202-1999 铝合金铸件 Aluminium alloy castings

337JIS H8610-1999 钢铁上的电镀锌层 Electroplated coatings of zinc on iron or steel

338JIS H8630-1987 装饰用塑料上的电镀层 Electroplated coatings on plastics materials for decorative purposes

339JIS K4137-1995 甲氧基苯胺类(邻甲氧基苯胺,对甲氧基苯胺,对氨基苯乙醚,3-氨基-4-甲氧基甲苯) Anisidines (ortho-Anisidine.para-Anisidine.para-Phenetidine.3-Amino-4-methoxytoluene)

340JIS L0101-1978 特克斯(TEX)纱支号数 (Tex system to designate linear density of fibres, yarn intermediate, yarns and other textile materials

341JIS M0101-1978 矿山符号 Graphical symbols for mines

342JIS M8122-1994 矿石.硫含量的测定方法 Ores -- Methods for determination of sulfur

343JIS M8202-2000 铁矿石.化学分析方法通则 Iron ores -- General rules for chemical analysis

344JIS M8711-1993 铁矿石烧结矿落下强度测定方法 Iron ore sinter -- Determination of shatter strength

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345JIS M8815-1976 煤及焦炭灰分析方法 Methods for analysis of coal ash and coke ash

346JIS P8122-2004 纸和纸板.耐水度(施胶度)的测定.Stockigt法 Paper and board -- Determination of sizing -- Stockigt method

347JIS R1637-1998 用四点试样排列作精细陶瓷薄膜传导阻力的测试方法 Test method for resistivity of conductive fine ceramic thin films with a four-point probe array

348JIS R2618-1995 用热线测定隔热耐火砖热传导性的测试方法 Testing method for thermal conductivity of insulating fire bricks by hot wire

349JIS R6111-2002 人造磨料 Artificial abrasives

350JIS X5002-1975 基本型数据传输控制程序 Basic mode data transmission control procedures

351JIS Z8206-1982 工艺图形符号 Graphical symbols for process chart

352JJG(化工) 7-1989 配电器检定规程 

353JJG(机械) 80-1992 工业过程测量和控制系统用模拟输入数字式指式仪检定规程 

354JT/T 19-2001 运输货物分类和代码 Classification and codes of transport cargo

355KIT 122-2003 BS 5701:质量控制和性能改进用指南 BS 5701: Guide to quality control and performance improvements

356KIT 80-2001 电缆用绝缘和护套材料 Insulating and sheathing materials for cables

357LS/T 3614-1989 饲料加工设备图形符号 

358MT/T 105-1993 刮板输送机通用技术条件 

359NDGJ 89-1989 工业冷却塔测试技术规定 


361NF A45-319-1990 冶金产品.国际铁路联盟(UIC)标准 平底钢轨及其鱼尾板 (IRON AND STEEL. UIC 54 FLAT BOTTOM RAILWAY RAIL AND ITS FISH PLATE.


363NF E03-611-1982 3°和45°角所谓炮型非对称梯形螺纹.基本剖面.尺寸和公差 Asymmetrical trapezoidal screw thread, artillery type, 3 degrees-45 degrees. Basic profile. Dimensions and tolerances.

364NF E25-121-1994 带有H型或Z型十字槽的平圆头螺钉.产品等级A Pan head screws with type H or type Z cross recess. Product grade A.


366NF H34-080-2-2002 包装.柔性包装材料.用静态气相色谱法测定剩余溶质.第2部分:工业法 Packaging - Flexible packaging material - Determination of residual solvents by static headspace gas chromatography - Part 2 : industrial methods.

367NF P11-221-1-2000 DTU 14.1.建筑工程.油罐装置.第1部分:技术规范 DTU 14.1 - Building works - Tanking works - Part 1 : technical specification.

368NF P11-221-2-2000 DTU 14.1.建筑工程.私人合同.建筑工程用深地基.第2部分:特别条款 DTU 14.1 - Building works - Private contracts - Tanking works - Part 2 : special clauses.

369NF P61-402-2-1992 瓷砖和地板砖.第2部分:吸水性能E大于3%和小于或等于6%的挤压成形的瓷砖和地板砖.(AIIA组).(欧洲标准 EN 186-2) (Ceramic tiles. Extruded ceramic tiles with a water absorption of E inferior to 3 per cent and superior or equal to 6 per cent (group AIIa). Part 2.

370NF R93-920-1993 道路车辆.循环密封圈 Raod vehicles. Circular sealing rings.

371NF T90-385-2001 水质.淡水鱼和海水鱼中EROD酶活性的测量方法 Water quality - Method for measuring the EROD enzyme activity in freshwater and saltwater fish.

372other 工程建设:工程建设标准强制性条文,石油和化工建设工程部分 The Compulsory Provision of Engineering Construction Standards Petroleum and Chemical Engineering

373P10-210-1993 DTU 22-1.建筑工程.用大型实心或肋板或普通水泥的预制板做成的外部盖板.第1部分:技术规范.第2部分:特别条款 DTU 22-1. Building works. Exterior cladding using large prefabricated panels of the solid or ribbed slab type or ordinary concrete. Part 1 : technical specifications - Part 2 : special clauses.

374Q/HBm 113-1998 道路车辆.车辆识别代号(VIN)内容,构成及管理规则 道路车辆.车辆识别代号(VIN)内容、构成及管理规则

375QB 1203-1991 4.5mm普通气枪弹 

376QB 1334-2004 水嘴通用技术条件 Universal technical terms for faucets

377QB/T 1238-1991 贮水式电热水器 

378QB/T 1333-2004 背提包 

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379QB/T 2045-1994 工业用缝纫机.线缝皱缩和缝料层潜移的测试方法 

380QB/T 2332-1997 不锈钢真空保温容器 

381QB/T 2489-2000 食品用芦荟制品 

382QB/T 2578-2002 陶瓷原料化学成分光度分析方法 Standard test method for chemical composition of ceramic materials by spectrophotometry

383QC/T 29106-2004 汽车低压电线束技术条件 Technical specification of low-voltage electric harness for motor vehicles

384QC/T 523-1999 汽车伟动轴总成台架试验方法 

385QC/T 653-2000 运油车,加油车技术条件 

386QJ 3183-2003 航天产品质量问题归零实施指南 

387QX 2-2000 新一代天气雷达站防雷技术规范 Technical specifications for lightning protection at china new generation weather radar station

388RA Software Tool-2000 RA软件工具 RA Software Tool

389Regulation for SB 压力容器:蒸汽锅炉安全技术监察规程 Steam Boiler Safety Technology Supervisory Regulations

390Rule for PP 管道:压力管道安装安全质量监督检验规则 Rule on Safety, Quality Supervision and Inspection for Pressure Piping Installation (Version 2002)

391SB/T 10013-1999 冰淇淋 Ice cream

392SC/T 8085-1994 渔船尾柱毂孔与尾轴管的技术要求 

393SH/T3523-1999 石油化工:石油化工铬镍奥氏体钢、铁镍合金和镍合金管道焊接规程 Welding procedure for petrochemical chrome-nickel austenite steel, nickel-iron alloy and nickel alloy pipeline

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394SH3007-1999 石油化工:石油化工储运系统罐区设计规范 Code for Design of Tank Farm in Petrochemical Storage and Transportation System

395SH3008-2000 石油化工:石油化工厂区绿化设计规范 Design Specification for Green Areas in Plant Areas of Petrochemical Industry

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396SH3405-1996 石油化工:石油化工企业钢管尺寸系列 Series of Steel Pipe Size for Petrochemical Enterprise

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397SJ 30002-1992 电子工业职业安全卫生设计规定 

398SJ/T 11156-1998 计算机辅助设计.设计文件档案管理制度 Filing management system for CAD design documents

399SJ/T 31102-1994 142型翻版机完好要求和检查评定方法 

400SJ/T 31252-1994 STELLA型电容器自动卷绕机完好要求和检查评定方法 

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401SL 227-1998 橡胶坝技术规范 Technical Standard of Rubber Dam

402SN/T 0735.7-1997 出口芳香油,单离和合成香料黄樟油中黄樟油素含量测定法 Essential oils,perfumery isolates and synthetics for export.Determination of safrole content in sassafras oil

403SY/T 6551-2003 欠平衡钻井安全技术规程 Safety technology rules for underbalanced drilling

404TB 10007-1999 铁路信号设计规范 Code for design of railway signaling

405TB 10421-2003 铁路电力牵引供电工程施工质量验收标准 Standard for constructional quality acceptance of railway electric traction feeding engineering

406TB/T 2140-1990 铁路碎石道渣 

407UL 248.14-2000 Standard for Low-Voltage Fuses, Part 14: Supplemental Fuses Standard for Low-Voltage Fuses, Part 14: Supplemental Fuses

408UL 291-2001 自动对讲系统 Automated teller systems

409UL 399-1993 饮用水冷却器 Drinking-water coolers

410WB/T 1014-2000 农业机械营销企业服务质量规定 The set service quality in agricultural machinery circulation enerprise

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411YBJ224-91 土建工程:块体基础大体积混凝土施工技术规程 

412YD/T 1104-2001 通信用开关电源系统监控技术要求和试验方法 Technical Requirements hehao Testing Methods for Supervision Modul of Telecommunication Switch Power Supplies

413YD/T 1262-2003 开放业务接入应用程序接口(PARLAYAPI)技术要求 (The Technical Specification of PARLAY API for Open Service Access

414YD/T 901-2001 核心网用光缆??层绞式通信用室外光缆 Optical Fiber Cables for Core Network?Loose Tube Stranding Type of Outdoor Optical Fiber Cables for Teclecommunication

415YD/T 993-1998 电信终端设备防雷技术要求及试验方法 Technical requirements and test methods of lightning resistibility for telecommunication terminal equipment

416YY 0119-2002 骨接合植入物金属矫形用钉 

417YY 91079-1999 心电监护仪 Electro cardiac moniting equipment

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